Fighting Against Overeating

I've had a big problem with heartburn and bloat.  I also think I may be gaining unnecessary pounds simply because I give in to every craving that strikes me and then I eat until I'm overly full.

In order to combat overeating, I decided to try a few strategies to achieve a healthier meal routine.

Eating less, more often.  Instead of eating three large meals a day, I'm eating four or five smaller meals a day. 

Allowing myself to snack.  I still grab a snack when the mood strikes me, but instead of parking myself next to the canister or cookies or dragging out the whole bag of cubed cheese, I take a handful and limit myself to that.  No going back for seconds.

What I'm eating has changed, too. I figured, one of the reasons I've been so prone to overeating is because there hasn't been much in the house for me to "grab" when I'm hungry.  I've had to wait for one of the family meals to roll around, and by then, I'm starving, so I stuff myself silly.

This last trip to the grocery store, I decided I'd make sure the house was stocked with snacks and foods "just for me," so they're there for me to grab when I want them.

  • tapioca pudding
  • yogurt
  • cheese wheels
  • fresh fruits, bite-sized
  • tommy toe tomatoes (of course)
  • cottage cheese

Another thing I'm keeping on-hand is a supply of Lean Cuisine frozen entrees.  I realize it's not the best nutrition in the world, but the meals are already prepared.  It only takes five minutes for them to heat in the microwave, and the serving is just enough to fill me up until the next meal.  Sitting down to one serving of Glazed Chicken and herb rice is much more satisfying than cracking open a can of chicken noodle soup or fixing myself a double-decker turkey-and-provolone sandwich.  Side note: I do very much enjoy the occasional soup or sandwich; just not every single time I'm hungry between meals every single day.  The Lean Cuisine meals offer variety without a truckload of calories.

So far, my new strategies have worked.  I've gotten heartburn once in the last two weeks, and I find I'm not constantly miserable because I want something to eat, but can't find anything, or can't find anything that will satisfy my picky pregnant appetite.


DMK said...

I did the Marie Callender's frozen meals with my 4th pregnancy. They were a lifesaver. I had to eat almost every hour with that pregnancy, so I did a lot of yogurt and instant oatmeal, too. String cheese, and deli turkey without the bread. Frozen Gatorade was a treat. I admire how mindful of your habits you are.

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