Louisiana Statutes for Midwife Practitioners

(From email sent to husband and mother)
Dear Miner & Mom...

LA State Statutes and Regulations for Midwife Practitioners

The first part of the document covers details about board members and certification requirements.  Not necessary to read.

What you may want to look at begins with "Chapter 53. Licensed Midwives."  Scroll about halfway down the page, and you'll see the bold heading there.

From this section on, you can read about midwives standards of care, like what tests they're required to do on their patients/clients, what situations require them to consult with the supporting physician, etc.  You can see there's not much guesswork involved in what they do.  Their steps are pretty cut and dried.

It's a lot of reading, but very interesting if you have the time.  It really clarifies what we'll be looking at for a home birth and what we can expect from the midwife in most situations we can think of.

Love you!


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