Why some women would like to give birth at home

Some women choose to birth at home because home is where they're most comfortable.  They may want to feel free to roam about in a skirt, in a favorite bathrobe, or in nothing at all!  They may want people with them who can be present without being intrusive. They may want to fix their own snacks, move back and forth from the birthing tub to the outside garden as the mood moves them, and even read or nap if that's what they feel like doing.  In other words, they want to be free to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and how they want to do it -- without time, protocols, liability, and other external factors defining their choices.

-- Jennifer L. West, LM, CPM, HBCE, and Deborah S. Romaine, Complete Idiot's Guide to Natural Childbirth

I was surprised to see this concept worded just so as it reflects all the intrinsic desires I've wanted since I gave birth to Squeak seven years ago.  I'd already decided what and how I wanted to do things before I ever began researching "home birth."  Reading about my preferences as written by someone I've never met, all nicely summed up in one paragraph, not only gives me confidence in what my instincts have told me, but thrills me to no end there are people and practitioners who are supportive and willing to accommodate me!


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