Nesting or Prenatal OCD

  • Cleaned out my half of the closet.
  • Boxed up non-maternity clothes for attic.
  • Filled large bag with clothes and shoes for donation.
  • Sorted all hangers.
  • Washed, dried, folded, and hung three loads of laundry.
  • Archived last three months' homeschooling.
  • Updated lesson plans and assignment cards.
  • Organized homeschooling desk (surface).

Nesting has always been a crazed frenzy.  I clearly recall using Q-tips to dig out dust from nooks and crannies in the wooden furniture.  Once upon a time, I alphabetized the books in the bookshelf and sorted the clothes hanging in the closet according to color.  When I get it, I get it bad.

I had no plans whatsoever to tear apart the closet tonight.  It began with the stuff hanging on the racks. I figured I'd get rid of the clothes I'll never, ever fit into again.  That led to the shelves. Then the shoes. Then the upper shelves of things I haven't touch since 2003.  Before I knew it, my side of the closet was practically bare except for the few new maternity clothes I've collected.  And I can actually walk around in there without stepping on something.

I killed a good four hours cleaning and sorting and sifting and trashing.  Still, there's no end in sight.  In this bedroom alone, I've got two bookshelves filled to capacity, books crammed together so tightly you couldn't slip a bookmark between them.

I've got two baskets full of sewing notions, a trunk stuffed with bolts and bolts of fabric and remnants. And I haven't even begun to touch the contents of the file cabinet, or the pile of papers that should be in the file cabinet.

Just writing about it, I'm getting an unbearable itch to keep going.  I could easily pull an all-nighter and double both the trash pile and the donation pile.  I could storm though the rest of the laundry, start dusting and disinfecting all the surfaces.  I could revert back to my past nesting form and take a Q-tip to the cracks and corners of the furniture.  I could create and implement my own library organization system according to alphabet AND color.

I could do it. And the itch would go away for a while.  But when it comes back, what will I do then???


DMK said... do have it bad. Sounds like you're having twins! Are there any sets in your family tree?

What do you mean by archived the homeschooling? Do you save all the kids assignments in an organized fashion? I don't know if I want to know the answer to that (as I picture the torn folder with papers spilling out of it that is my 'filing' system).

Sounds like you got a lot done. I think you should embrace the nesting's a powerful force! I wish I had some of that motivation. Don't worry by the time you finish everything on your list, the stuff you began with will be falling apart again. Isn't that the way it goes. At least you have a good head start on spring cleaning!

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