First Trimester Draws to an End

(Photo at right: baby bump at three months.)

First trimester draws to an end

These first three months have gone by awfully fast, but they've certainly taken their toll.  The fog of morning sickness gently lifts away, and in barrels the churning storm of irritability at its most vicious.  I cannot seem to shake it.  Woe to those who live within my radius of reach.

An awful fact:  Obstetricians in the Acadiana region are so overloaded with patient cases, some of us have to wait an entire month or more for an appointment opening.  Fortunately, I found one who was able to book me much sooner than that, but I had to postpone until payday.

So, my first appointment with the OB will be later than is routinely recommended.  I'd be a little put off about that, except I believe I've been taking very good care of myself and have paid very close attention to what my body's been telling me.  No red flags thus far.

And I have great faith in this OB I'll be seeing.  He was hand-picked and highly recommended by our midwife.  "He's 100% on-board for natural birth and homebirth.  Just be honest with him about your preexisting conditions so he can make an honest, informed assessment."

That I will do.

Don't know how much I weigh right now, but it feels like I'm probably around 115 or so.  Can definitely feel the extra padding, and the strain on the lower back is certainly beginning to make itself known.

Do-it-yourself neck and back support

Surprisingly, I haven't had trouble sleeping at all.  I discovered a way to support my neck, and it's so effective, I've been sleeping soundly every night and waking up with no aches in my spine or neck.  I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

I took a cylindrical pillow that Priss made for me several years ago, and I rolled it up in a long fleece scarf.  The result is a comfy, cushy little neck roll that keeps my spine aligned and my airway open so I can breathe freely and easily.

I also surround myself with support pillows.  The top two stabilize my head and take all strain off of my neck.  The bottom two stabilize my spine and take all strain off of my lower back.

The four-pillow positioning also works whether I'm lying on my back or on either side.

I'd been wondering for a while how I've been able to get up earlier and earlier yet still feel rested.  And I found myself pain-free.  Now I know why.  If my back is wonky over night, my whole body will be wonky the next day.

Now, if only there were a strategic pillow-positioning that would help my attitude.  :(


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