The Wedding, Maternity Jeans, & Knitted "Soakers"

The Wedding

...was everything I imagined it to be and more.  The people who love us most -- our parents, our kids, and of course my very best friend in the whole wide world -- made the long drive to our house to witness Miner and I exchange our vows and finally become husband and wife after 14 very long years of "engagement."  It was beautiful.

The Justice of the Peace was a dear little Cajun man not much taller than me.  He had the softest, kindest eyes, and he seemed genuinely happy to be there doing what he was sworn to do for the City of Lafayette.  He knew what the occasion meant to us, and even if he's conducted hundreds and hundreds of ceremonies before ours, he led us through our vows and commitments as if it we were the only couple who have ever been in love in his district.  I couldn't have hand-picked a finer person to marry us.

Our rings are taking some getting used to.  Neither of us is accustomed to having anything on our fingers, but it's a delightful little habit.  Every time I glance down at my finger and see the shiny band there, I think to myself, "Mrs. Refiner...."

Shopping for Maternity Jeans

...has proven to be a lot more difficult than I'd anticipated.  Old Navy's having a great maternity sale right now, but unfortunately, their jeans are just not up to par.  The size I tried on -- which should fit me, according to the size chart -- just swallows me up!  Granted, I'm not even two months along yet, but still...I'd think at least the hips and thighs would fit.  Nope.

Instead, Miner ordered a few things from Gap, including jeans.  I hope at least the jeans fit, because my regular ones have gotten too uncomfortable.  I can barely snap them closed, and I really don't like the feeling of walking around with the fly undone.  Makes me feel like slob.

Knitted "Soakers"?

Thumbing through the latest issue of People magazine, I came across one of those "Got Milk?" ads.  Those ads are usually pretty unremarkable, but what caught my eye was what the infant in the photo had on over his diaper:  a knitted "soaker."

I'd never heard of a soaker until I came across the term while looking for baby bloomers knitting patterns.  Apparently, soakers have been around for quite some time.

I've already decided I'll have a nice supply of these by the time the baby's born.  They look so comfortable, and there's just something so wonderfully pure about natural fibers on a baby's skin.


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