Spotting in the 1st Trimester?

Just about shocked me to death last night when I saw red streaks where there should have been none.

I'm 35. This is the 6th time around. I think that somehow increases our chances of a miscarriage, but I haven't allowed myself to dwell on that.  "Cross that bridge when/IF we come to it" -- that's the policy.

However, the spotting was not spontaneous.  During the course of "rigorous activity," we noticed the darker shade.  And it wasn't profuse.  The small amount I saw on the fabric was all there was, and no more.

So that tells me the source closed on its own.  If it were a miscarriage, the spotting would not have stopped, and it would've been accompanied by pain of some sort.  Neither happened.

Today, I feel fine.  No more spotting, no pain at all.  I'm chalking it up to "rigorous activity" and leaving it at that.

I did read that if a woman is prone to spotting in the 1st trimester, she might abstain from "rigorous activity" at least until the 12th week, when the probability of miscarriage decreases dramatically.

So, despite our protests and complaints, that is what we'll do.


DMK said...

bowed my head and said a prayer for you and your wee one!

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