Disclosure, Kid-made Cake, & Rings

Telling the Kids

Okay, so Saturday's "The Day."  It's all set.  Both sets of parents are privy, but the kids are still in the dark.  Just one of those things when there's so much going on, a person can't get a word in edge-wise.

But tonight, perhaps over dinner or after dinner, Miner and I will sit down all five of them and say something like, "Well kids...we've all been waiting for this for a long time, and the time has finally arrived.  We're getting married this Saturday."

I foresee many giggles and gasps; the older ones will probably say something like, "It's about time!" or "Gee! I thought it'd NEVER happen!"

Then there will be lots of questions, and surely, Priss will run away with all the girly details like the dress and the cake.

And then we'll have to establish the fact this is a small affair without all the conventional bells and whistles, which we'll save for the "Big Wedding" down the road.  That will probably be disappointing for Priss, but there are plenty other details she can tend to.

Kid-made Cake

For instance...the cake.  Mom offered to buy us a wedding cake made to my specifications, but honestly?  What I really want is for the kids to be in charge of that.  They can work together to bake a cake here at home, ice it themselves, and even decorate it.

They'll even make the cake toppers.  Sculpy clay is the perfect medium for a little cake topper sculpture, and the kids sculpt so well.  They got clay and paints for Christmas, so whatever they come up with will not only serve as a centerpiece of the day, but also, a wonderful keepsake for all of us.  I giggle myself when I think of how happy they'll be to see their creation in the middle of the table instead of something store-bought.


No rings yet.  We know exactly what we want, but there's no way the rings will be resized in time for the ceremony on Saturday.  Instead, we're just going to get the closest appropriate sizes, bring them home for the ceremony, and then have them resized afterward.   Yeah, it's a slacker, rush-job kinda thing, but it doesn't bother me a bit!  I just want to have something on my finger.  We can worry about perfection later.

Mother-in-Law still doesn't have the 4-1-1

No, he didn't tell his mother about the baby, yet.  "There just wasn't a good time to do it."  (smile)  That very well may be, but I know he's just shaking in his boots and would rather she come upon that information through the power of clairvoyance or some such.  Perhaps seeing a sign in the crust of a bagel.


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